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Our goal is to enrich the lives of student athletes in all of Zimbabwe's Universities by granting them the opportunity to participate in competitive sports activities. Participation in sports promotes development in all areas of one's life: physically, mentally and socially. We strive to fill all University student athletes with a sense of confidence and accomplishment so that these feelings will spread to all other aspects of their lives. Achieving such a goal requires that we abide by 3 interrelated principles:

Equality:Treating people fairly and focusing on their strengths rather than their weaknesses.
Integrity:Administering our programs in a consistent, open, and honest fashion.
Co-operation:Building strong partnerships aimed at realizing common objectives both now and in the future.



To become Southern Africa's most visible and competitive Tertiary Sports brand through the delivery of innovative sports programs that are customised to stakeholder expectations.


To enrich the educational and cultural experience of University athletes through the provision of quality, innovative and consumer-oriented Sports and Recreation programmes.

Core Values

Fair play

  • We value competing fairly and affording everyone a level competing platform





Continuous learning